Revealed: The most popular baby names where you live

Oliver and Olivia have become the most popular baby names in Norfolk. Photo credit should read: Andr

Oliver and Olivia have become the most popular baby names in Norfolk. Photo credit should read: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Oliver and Olivia have become the most popular baby names around Norfolk, according to new figures.

Sixty-seven babies were named Olivia in 2018, while 75 new Olivers were born, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows.

Another 23 girls were called Olivia, and 20 boys called Oliver, in east Suffolk, which stretches from Felixstowe up to Lowestoft.

For girls, the other most popular names around Norfolk were Isla, with 55 babies given the name, Amelia and Grace, 48, Willow, 45, Ava, 41, Mia, 40, and Phoebe and Evelyn, 38.

And for boys, Jack proved popular, with 74 new babies being given the name, along with Harry and Arthur, 69, Freddie, 67, Henry, 68, George, 63, and William 62. Nationally, Oliver has been the most popular name for boys for six years, while Olivia has held the title for girls for three years.

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Arthur and Ada both made their first appearance in the top 10 for the first time in a century this year, with experts believing parents took - in part - inspiration from characters in the popular BBC television drama Peaky Blinders.

In our area, Olivia was the most popular girls name in west Norfolk, Breckland and east Suffolk, while in Norwich it was Amelia and in South Norfolk it was Isla.

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In north Norfolk, Ivy and Phoebe were the joint most popular girls names, Sophia, Isabella and Amelia were in Great Yarmouth and Ava and Grace were in Broadland.

And it was in west Norfolk and east Suffolk that most parents chose Oliver as a boys name, with Charlie proving the most popular in Norwich, Theo in Yarmouth, Arthur in north Norfolk and Freddie in Breckland.

In south Norfolk, Harry and Henry proved most popular, while in Broadland it was a tie between George, Harry and Henry.

Meanwhile, there were no new Bobbys, Carters, Jesses or Kais born around Norfolk in 2018, and no Abigails, Arabellas or Lunas.

Of the 9,851 babies born in Norfolk and east Suffolk in 2018, 42pc - 4,132 - were given names in the top 100 most popular.

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