Morrisons murder trial: John Monk breaks down in court during trial into murder of Nick Rogers in Wymondham Morrisons

Nick Rogers, who died at Morrisons in Wymondham.

Nick Rogers, who died at Morrisons in Wymondham. - Credit: Archant

One of the two men charged with the murder of a man in a supermarket broke down as he told his alleged victim's family: 'I'm so sorry for what's happened, I dread to think what his mum's going through.'

Nick Rogers, who died at Morrisons in Wymondham. Picture: Facebook

Nick Rogers, who died at Morrisons in Wymondham. Picture: Facebook - Credit: Archant

John Monk, 44, and his nephew Lee Monk, 20, are charged with the murder of 26-year-old Nick Rogers, who died as a result of his injuries following an altercation in Wymondham Morrisons on July 17.

Norwich Crown Court yesterday heard that John Monk happened to be in the same supermarket as his nephew by coincidence when he came across a dispute between his nephew, the victim, and a friend of the victim, Leo Wardrop.

John and Lee Monk are both charged with actual bodily harm against Mr Wardrop. They deny all charges.

Giving evidence, the father-of-four said: 'I intervened to try and break it up. Nick's a big bloke, I was defending my nephew, he's only a baby. I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

'I knew Nick from down the pub, he was friends with my son. I knew Lee and Nick had an issue, but I had no personal problems with him or Leo.'

Prosecuting, Andrew Jackson said: 'You said to your nephew once you got to them: 'Come on, let's do it outside.' The fight started when you got there.'

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Monk responded: 'You're wrong. I just wanted to get them out of the supermarket.'

The jury also heard how following the incident, Monk travelled to a friend's house where he learned of Lee's arrest.

Upon returning home later that night, Monk consumed two bottles of red wine.

When the police later came to his home to arrest him, Monk said: 'Attempted murder? You've got to be joking.'

'You didn't care,' Mr Jackson told the Albini Way resident. 'You got drunk, and didn't identify yourself as a witness even when you knew Lee had been arrested.'

Monk broke down in tears, saying: 'Of course I care, I have a son myself. I'm so sorry to his mum for what's happened, and I dread to think what she's going through.'

The trial continues.

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