Morris 8 got Bing motoring into procession of cars and maintenance

Bing Boast with his first car, a 1938 Morris 8 Series II.

Bing Boast with his first car, a 1938 Morris 8 Series II. - Credit: supplied

Bing Boast tells of the first in his line of 37 cars – a 1938 Morris 8 – in the days when you could do DIY maintenance and repairs.

This is a picture of me in Leiston, Suffolk, with my first car which was a 1938 Morris 8 Series II in 1959.

Note the blue and white Ipswich Town mascot on top of the windscreen.

I bought the car for £35 and sold it for £28 to buy a 1935 Morris Eight with spoke wheels.

These were the start of long procession of cars – 37 to date. Among them were Morris Minors, including a 1951 split screen, and Ford Anglias and Escorts. I have never been able to buy new, but my list also includes all Ford Cortinas, Triumph Heralds, Ford Sierras, a Wolesley 444 and a Volkswagen Caravanette.

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In the early days, we did daily oil and water checks, tyres weekly and DIY repairs – even stripping and reconditioning our own engines, rubbing down and respaying. Having done a motor engineering apprenticeship helped me.

For my first ever holiday, at the aged of 21, I went through the car with a fine toothcomb, checking engine, brakes, gearbox and transmission, Now, with specialist tools and computer programmes etc, any attempt at DIY and you are in trouble.

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But my big gripe about today's motoring is the lack of a spare wheel.

Tell us about your first car and the adventures and scrapes you had – email your motoring memories with a picture of the car to or post it to Andy Russell, motoring editor, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE.

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