More than a million bricks donated to charity Lego weekend

A couple are drowning in Lego with more than one million bricks donated towards a Lego-themed weekend they are holding next month during which a world record will be attempted.

Adrian and Diane Fletcher launched an appeal for Lego in July last year and will be holding their Lego weekend at Holt Hall on August 6 and 7 to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

During the weekend they will be asking people to sign a brick in exchange for a donation to the charity.

The couple, who live on Searle Close, Fakenham, hope to set a world record for the most signed bricks in a Lego structure.

Mr Fletcher, 50, who works at The Hour Glass bar and restaurant in Sculthorpe, said: 'You can't see our house for Lego bricks at the moment, we've been completely overwhelmed by the response from people.

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'We've not sat and counted all the bricks but there must be well over a million. We said when we launched the appeal that we'd accept as much or as little as people could give and one woman even sent us three bricks in the post, but we're happy for everything we've received and every brick will be used during the weekend.'

He added: 'We've looked into it and we haven't been able to find an existing world record for the most signed Lego bricks in a structure, but we would still like to record this as a world record.

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'We wrote to the Guinness Book of Records and haven't heard back from them yet.'

There will be numerous Lego model displays during the weekend.

Some depictions will represent life in Norfolk, like the Norfolk Broads, a coastal scene with beach huts and, a less celebrated but, perhaps equally familiar experience of life in Nelson's county, a scene of a traffic jam with a caravan at the front.

There will also be a Medieval scene, Star Wars Lego, a 21 inch Lego man, a fictional 18m long Lego town and a winter village scene.

People can take a ride on a remote control Lego train and there is also some celebrity involvement with a Lego television studio signed by Stephen Fry, a Lego cookbook signed by celebrity chef Galton Blackstone and a Lego car signed by racing driver Mark Blundell.

There will be a Lego play area and lots of games and competitions.

Mrs Fletcher, 41, who works at News Klip newsagents in Fakenham, said: 'The whole idea for the Lego weekend came from our 10-year-old son Thomas, who loves Lego, and just suggested it to us one day.

'There has been a lot of interest in it and if everyone turns up who has said they will, it will be a very successful and busy weekend.

'I don't think we could run this again because we have been dependant on people donating Lego to us and we've both spent all year planning this, but we may think about organising another big charity event when this is all finished.'

The Lego weekend will be open from 10am to 4pm on each day and there will be an auction of all display models at 2.30pm on the Sunday.

Entry will be �1 per person and there will be free parking available.

People are welcome to bring Lego on the day or can donate some beforehand by calling Mrs Fletcher on 01328 864357 or e mailing

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