More than 80 trucks to take part in charity convoy from Norwich to Pleasurewood Hills

East Coast Truckers convoy through Yarmouth.

East Coast Truckers convoy through Yarmouth. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Children are fascinated by machinery, whether a lorry, digger, motorbike or car, and youngsters can often be found playing with toys or watching in awe as they drive past.

One Norfolk charity has been able to take this love and combine it with a memorable day out.

For the last 26 years the East Coast Truckers have been giving children who are less fortunate than others the trip of a lifetime as a convoy of trucks takes them on a special journey.

On Sunday, more than 80 trucks will converge on County Hall in Norwich, before taking children on a trip to Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft.

This year organisers are hoping for the biggest convoy yet.

Trevor Howlett from the charity said: 'This is all about the kids and making sure they have a great day.

'This year will be the biggest East Coast Truckers children's charity event. We are all volunteers and have to raise the money for the trips ourselves through various events in the year.'

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The charity has raised money by going to automotive shows across the county and by hosting open days such as one earlier in the year at the Forum.

'We take one kiddie and their parent in the front of an artic truck and take them down for a day out at Pleasurewood Hills,' Mr Howlett added.

'From County Hall we don't stop. We get a police escort and they block off traffic lights and we go straight over. All the trucks look spotless and we all get dressed up in our uniforms with shirts and ties.'

After their day at the theme park the trucks and their special passengers are greeted by crowds of people along Great Yarmouth's Marine Parade.

'They shut off the Parade and they have no traffic as so many people come out for us,' Mr Howlett said.

The truckers have been running since 1981 but they only became a charity in 2000. This has allowed them to grow and raise more money.

They are not limited to convoys, as every year they host a Christmas party for more than 100 children who each receive their own personalised gift.

They also take coaches of children to attractions across the county and on free holidays.

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