More than £5,500 on offer to North Norfolk charities after auction success

James Tokelove winning the Junior Crabbing Prize. Picture: David Hubba Roberts.

James Tokelove winning the Junior Crabbing Prize. Picture: David Hubba Roberts. - Credit: David Hubba Roberts.

The Crab and Lobster festival's annual auction and crabbing competition racked up an astounding total this year.

The �750 porthole. Picture: David Hubba Roberts.

The �750 porthole. Picture: David Hubba Roberts. - Credit: David Hubba Roberts.

With just over £5,500 raised by auctioning off hand-crafted portholes, many Cromer and Sheringham charities will now get a financial boost they desperately need.

Chairman of the Crab and Lobster festival, Tony Shipp, said: 'Last year we gave money to 28 charities in Cromer and Sheringham. For some it was just small amounts of £50 or so to help them get something they needed, but for some it was the support they needed to survive.'

Of the 82 portholes auctioned, the highest bid was for £750.

Local legend Samuel Thomas designed the porthole, sponsored by the Garden House Gallery.

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The portholes were made by a Cromer organisation, About with Friends.

Mr Shipp, a Cromer resident, said: 'It's much more difficult to create round pieces than straight, and it was quite a challenge! But they did it and we're very thankful to them.'

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Mr Shipp added: 'The second highest amount paid for a porthole was around £300, that was for the Breakers porthole which had a Cromer sea side painting on it.'

And the auction day on August 27 wouldn't have been complete without the annual World Pier Crabbing Championships.

Lincolnshire's James TokeLove took the Junior title, having spent years trying to win the title.

'He won in the traditional line category,' Mr Shipp said. 'We have to differentiate between the two because crabbing with nets is much more popular, but it is easier.'

The 16-year-old caught eight crabs off the Cromer Pier.

Stacey Bradley stole the prize in the adult category, catching five crabs on her line.

Mr Shipp said: 'This day is a really important event because it reinvests back into the community.'

Charitable organisations in Cromer and Sheringham can apply for any amount, as long as they justify the amount they're asking for.

The closing date to apply for these grants is September 30.

Organisations can apply for the grants online by visiting the Crab and Lobster festival website, where forms are available to download and fill out.

'Previously we've had people apply for anywhere from £50 to £500,' Mr Shipp said.

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