“We have a sickness in our society” - More than 30 dog poo bags left in children’s park

Adam Spurling with his dog Vinnie. Picture: Adam Spurling

Adam Spurling with his dog Vinnie. Picture: Adam Spurling - Credit: Archant

A resident has called for harsh penalties for owners who do not pick up their dog's mess after more than 30 poo bags were left in a park.

Adam Spurling, 36, from Sprowston has had enough of watching people leave dog mess and litter in his local park.

Along with his partner, Laura Hyde, they posted a video to the Life in Sprowston Facebook page showing the large amount of dog poo bags that have been left in Windsor Park Gardens.

The engineer said: 'It's been going on at least four years, since I started walking my dog Vinnie. I know a local woman cleaned the area up before Christmas time and it has filled up quickly.

'There are bins at the edge of the park about 50 to 100 metres away, I wouldn't be surprised if it's being caused by just one or maybe two dog walkers.'

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The dog poo bags were found just metres away from a children's play area.

Mr Spurling does not think enough is being done to catch those doing the dirty work.

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He added: 'I wish I could set up a motion sensing camera and film the area for 72 hours to see if I could catch them.

'It would be nice if you had to acquire a dog licence and prove you are a fit and proper person, also part of the licence for that dog required the dog to be DNA tested so they could trace the faecal matter back to the dog and owner in question.

'I think we have a sickness in our society at the moment where some people are not taking responsibility for their own communities or environment.

'I wish there were tougher laws installed to help tackle dog fouling and littering, with litter duties for children litter picking for community service especially for anyone caught dropping litter or dog mess.'

In the video, Miss Hyde talks about the mess that has been left and how it is a shame that their 'wonderful community' is being ruined. She also offered a harsh warning saying if she finds out who has been doing it.

'God help them,' she said.

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