More than 20 people in police custody following a busy night for officers in Norwich

Prince of Wales Road at night. Picture: Denise Bradley

Prince of Wales Road at night. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2012

More than 20 people woke up in police cells following a busy night for police in Norwich.

PC Jon Parker said there were multiple fights and a person knocked over by a car during his shift in the city on Saturday.

In a post on Twitter he described it as one of the 'busiest' public order shifts he had done in a long time.

Meanwhile one reveller, who witnessed the drama on Prince of Wales Road, described it as being like the 'Gaza Strip'.

Twenty-one people were still in custody at Wymondham Police Station this morning for a range of offences.

Prince of Wales Road in Norwich. Picture: SIMON FINLAY

Prince of Wales Road in Norwich. Picture: SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

Control room inspector Keith Philpot said five of those had been for drunk and disorderly behaviour, adding there had been 'lots' of assaults.

He stressed that not all of the offences would have been related to incidents on Prince of Wales Road.

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Documenting his shift on Twitter, Mr Parker's first incident involved taking alcohol from individuals who had picked it up off the street.

But as the night continued, the number of incidents began to increase.

'To say it's all kicking off would be an understatement,' he posted.

'That's 4 arrests for our van. We've run out of vans. Thank goodness it's starting to thin out.'

Mr Parker said that hiss dinner break was then interrupted by a pedestrian getting knocked down by a car.

'Whilst there taking a witness statement a fight erupted just yards away from where the pedestrian casualty lay in the road being treated by ambulance,' he said.

'This fight took several officers to break it up and for the second time in two shifts I had to deploy my pava spray to subdue the suspect.'

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