More police on streets for first weekend after further restrictions lifted

Police on patrol in Norwich city centre. Picture: Nick Butcher

Police on patrol in Norwich city centre. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

More police will hit the streets of Norfolk next week for the first weekend after restrictions were lifted further on May 17.

Norfolk Police urged the public to remain cautious after pubs and restaurants were allowed to reopen indoors.

Indoor venues such as cinemas, children’s play areas and holiday accommodation also reopened after being closed for more than five months, although restrictions such as mask wearing, social distancing and the rule of six still apply.

Temporary assistant chief constable, Julie Wvendth said: "We expect people to take full advantage of this next step in easing restrictions and would simply ask people to enjoy themselves but to do so safely and sensibly, following the instructions of staff at any premises."

Louise Smith, director of public health for Norfolk, said: "We’ve been living with lockdown restrictions for some time, and I know many people will want to go out and celebrate their easing, but it is vital we all do so carefully.

"If we want to see more restrictions lifted we have to keep the spread of the virus low, and that means being cautious, being responsible and respecting social distancing.”