More flexibility could give Norwich market traders the chance to expand

Gary Butcher, owner of the Ice Cream Parlour on Norwich market, has been allowed a new coffee machin

Gary Butcher, owner of the Ice Cream Parlour on Norwich market, has been allowed a new coffee machine. Picture: Geraldine Scott - Credit: Geraldine Scott

There could be new opportunities for traders on Norwich market as rules restricting stalls to selling just one thing become more flexible.

Gary Butcher, who owns the Ice Cream Parlour at the back of the market, is the first to benefit from the change.

He started selling coffees and teas, alongside his traditional ice cream, yesterday.

Mr Butcher, 54, said he had asked a few times to be allowed to serve hot drinks but had always been told no.

'But it became apparent I shut for four months of the year,' he said.

'In the past they've not been flexible but the market has changed, and the people have changed.'

He said the addition of the coffee machine means he'll be able to stay open for more months of the year, and he's even thinking of expanding into the empty stall next door.

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'It's more money for [the city council] and another stall open rather than shut,' added Mr Butcher, had been on the market for four years, having bought the stall off his friend.

The market had a long-standing policy which stops too many stalls offering the same product, but traders have in the past said this had stopped them from expanding.

Now, although the policy still stands Norwich City Council is taking a more flexible approach to amending individual licenses, and each stall is judged on it's own merits.

Father-of-two Mr Butcher, who lives in Norwich, also encouraged people to visit the market and said shoppers just needed to explore the market to see what was on offer.

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