Sea Life welcomes new star attractions

Sea Life Hunstanton eels

The four eels have been named after athletes, musicians and actors - Credit: Sea Life Hunstanton

The Sea Life centre in Hunstanton has welcomed four new members to its underwater family and given them star-studded names.

The four new zebra moray eels that have arrived in Norfolk were born at the Sea Life centre in Southend.

The eels are most notable for their colouring and their double jaws.

They are also known to tie themselves in a knot to get a good grip on their food. 

One is named Eelvis Presley - the king of rock has become the king of the rockpool.

Also joining the group is Eel Beale after the EastEnders characters and another is called Andy Moray, after tennis star Andy.

The final member of the foursome is Eel Young, named after the famous songwriter. 

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General manager at Sea Life Hunstanton, Nigel Croasdale, said: “We are so excited to welcome this new swarm of eels to our waters. Zebra moray eels are fascinating creatures, and we are looking forward to educating our guests on our new inhabitants."