Would you like to add a Moongazer hare to you’re home? They’re up for auction

Showing some love for Cromer's ChromeHare. Picture: Break

Showing some love for Cromer's ChromeHare. Picture: Break - Credit: Break

If you've wanted to get your hands on one of the beautiful moongazer hares, your chance is almost here.

The county hares will be up for auction from tomorrow, the money raised from these hares will support the valuable work being undertaken by Norfolk children's charity Break in partnership with Wild in Art.

Nine of the county hares are up for auction, and can still be seen on the county trail until September 8, before they appear for one last time at the Hare Today Gone Tomorrow event on October 7 to 10.

Martin Green, project manager, said: 'The county trail was a new initiative and has been very popular for getting people out to areas of Norfolk that they might not usually visit.

'Many of the local towns have become very attached to their sculpture and have also benefited from the extra visitors and interest in their town. 'We think it will be very exciting to know how much the County Trail has raised before we start auctioning the 50 City Hares at the Forum on October 11.'

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All these sculptures are suitable for outside locations and do not come on the concrete plinths.

The final and updated list of county hares to be auctioned and they can be found online at www.easyliveauction.com/gogohares.

The online auction will end on 11th October at 2.30pm.

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The auction of the 50 ears up hares, which formed the city trail will start at 6pm on October 11 at the final part of the GoGo 2018 event.

This event is in partnership with TW Gaze auctioneers Elizabeth Talbot and Mike Sarson.

The county hares up for auction are: Humphrey Hare, Chrome-Hare, Ketts Oak, Harleston Hare, Lancaster, Slalom Sally, Sydney Long-Ears, Kicks and GoGoHareatio.

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