Month of technology to be launched in Norwich

Whether you are good with your gadgets or digitally distressed, The Forum in Norwich will be staging a month-long series of events to inform and inspire people about Norfolk and digital technology.

From workshops to help people change their phone ring tone, a chance to try out old computer games to events showcasing the latest innovations, Phone, Plasmas and Pixels, starting next week, is designed to appeal to all ages.

'It is a really eclectic mix of things,' said Jayne Evans, for The Forum.

She said the event would both look back at technology through the ages and also look to the future.

Among the events is a device advice clinic which is being held by City College Norwich students where they will help people with their technological problems.

'The younger generation know so much more,' said Ms Evans. 'For them it is second nature. They speak the language and can explain it to those who need it explained.

'I think it is really important to showcase how Norfolk has adapted and benefits from the digital revolution.

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'We have jokingly said 'are you digitally distressed?' but the change is remarkable even if you are a gadget addict. Even if you are part of the younger generation, there will be things going on that will excite.

'There will also be things going on for those who are digitally distressed, from how to change a ring tone or download software.'

Part of the Forum Trust's mission statement is to help people to understand digital technology. It has Europe's largest permanent digital gallery, which shows digital film, image, sound, video or live TV at Fusion gallery.

Ms Evans added: 'The whole prog-ramme is organised in partnership with businesses, charities and public sector organisations from right across Norfolk. We have worked together to enable them to showcase and share the what they are doing in the digital revolution.'

'It will be a chance for people to explore the whole of The Forum. We want people to step out of the atrium, go into Fusion, go into the auditorium, visit BBC voice.'

Phones, Plasmas and Pixels launches next Friday. NHS Norfolk will be demonstrating how digital information technology is used to help people access healthcare and there will be an education event showing how new technology is being used in the classroom. For details go to