Milton Jones announces King’s Lynn show - and he might stand for Prime Minister

Milton Jones. Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Milton Jones. Picture: Steve Ullathorne - Credit: Archant

The master of one-liners will be making a bee-line for King's Lynn this autumn.

Milton Jones is bringing his one-man show to the Corn Exchange on Wednesday, November 1.

There are hints something more serious might be stirring for the first time beneath the mad hair, wild eyes and crazy shirts. Political, even.

For the blurb for the new show - Milton Jones is Out There - talks of running for Prime Minister under a nonsense manifesto. So should Theresa May be looking over her shoulder? 'As well as me doing loads of trademark jokes and little sketchy pieces, the show sees me thinking with all that's going on in the world, maybe I should be doing something more serious rather than talking nonsense,' says Jones, a veteran of TV's quickfire gag show Mock the Week.

'I seem to have a crisis of confidence in terms of: is nonsense of any value? And of course that results in more nonsense rather than less.'

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Asked if that means the new show is going to have more of a political edge, he adds: 'Not really. It's all fairly jokey. There is one pseudo-political joke, which is as near as I get.

'With my stuff, people remember the joke rather than the point. Though my aim with the tour is to add in a couple of moments of pathos, really questioning whether I'm on the right track.'

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Leaving aside more cerebral considerations, Jones will be sporting his trademark exploding sofa hairdo and Hawaiian shirt when he takes to the stage at the Corn Exchange.

'I didn't set out to do it, but it's been useful branding,' he said. 'If you don't remember the name you go, oh that guy with the shirts and the hair. Originally the whole idea was it was a signpost to say where I was coming from, it was leftfield. It's quite hard. It can't be 'whacky' in a stag night way. It needs to be more, just '…no'. There has to just be too much brown in it or something.'

The shirts have been a familiar sight over the years on BBC2's Mock the Week, where Jones has been an almost permanent fixture.

'I was on recently and I was the third oldest person there in terms of appearances,' he said. 'It felt quite odd.'

Tickets for November's show are priced £27. To book, call 01553 764864 or click here.

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