‘Maybe I’ll pin him up on the dressing room wall’ – McCarthy hopes trash talk creates ‘rip-roaring’ East Anglian derby

Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy. Photo: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy. Photo: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town manager Mick McCarthy is hoping that all the trash talk makes for a rip-roaring East Anglian derby at Portman Road on Sunday lunchtime (12pm ko).

Norwich City striker Nelson Oliveira lit the blue touch paper at the start of this week by claiming that the Canaries are a ‘better club’ with ‘better players’.

There’s been plenty of fighting talk from the Town camp too, with Luke Chambers, Jonas Knudsen and David McGoldrick all delivering rallying cries as the Blues look to secure their first victory in this fixture since 2009.

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“Oh yeah, let’s get me embroiled in that one...” laughed McCarthy, when asked about Oliveira’s comments.

“He obviously has a wide knowledge of the Championship and has been around for so long he knows all about that doesn’t he?

“Look, it’s his opinion. And opinions are like backsides aren’t they? It’s not always wise to air them in public.

“He’s only stirring the game up. Great. I think we should stir it up. Let’s have a right rip-roaring derby.

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“We’ll see if it’s a thunderous derby and ultra-competitive. I hope it is.

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“Nelson Oliveira’s comments don’t make it a proper derby though. It probably revs fans up, but it’s just a footballer’s opinion and an opinion that is probably not that educated when it comes to the East Anglian clubs. It can’t be.”

Asked if that meant he wouldn’t be pinning those comments up on his dressing room wall as motivation, the Blues boss jokingly replied: “No. I’ll maybe pin him up on the dressing room wall.

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“Look, it’s your job to create a really good atmosphere and gets both sets of managers, players and coaches talking about the game and get a quote. I guess I’ve given you one there haven’t I?!

“Talking doesn’t really upset me at all or get me riled up though. Even as a player when somebody said something it didn’t affect me. I hated them all when I played, so it didn’t matter!

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“They didn’t have to rev me up, but if anything that is said or done between now and Sunday gives a little bit extra to my players then I’ll be thrilled by it.”

He added: It’s a game for the fans. They’ll come along wanting to win and fearing the Worst, because that’s what football fans do. I hope they bring the positive energy with them.”

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