Calls made to tackle town’s traffic snarl-ups following bridge failure

The bridge has experienced numerous faults recently Picture: Nick Butcher

The bridge has experienced numerous faults recently Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Archant © 2011

A councillor is calling for the creation of a traffic problem task force for Great Yarmouth following the failure of the town's Haven Bridge.

Norfolk County Councillor Mick Castle Picture: David Hannant

Norfolk County Councillor Mick Castle Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

Last Thursday the Bridge was closed to traffic for the majority of the afternoon, leading to gridlock across the town and its surrounding areas and motorists venting their anger on social media.

Mick Castle, county councillor for Yarmouth North and Central, is now calling for a working group to be set up looking at traffic flow in the town during incidents, such as a bridge failure.

He also highlights how even a broken down car can cause congestion problems in the town.

Mr Castle said: 'Because the town is a like a peninsula with just two bridges the kind of solutions open to us are not like in a radial city with several spokes into the centre.

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'I favour a can do protocol with police and emergency services etc based on keeping the traffic flowing wherever possible.

'Last week's bridge failure was difficult but for example a simple contraption over the three inch hazard could have allowed pedestrian movement in and out of town from Cobholm/Southtown which would have been a godsend while the bridge was out of action to vehicles.

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'A broken down car at the Vauxhall Roundabout approach can cause havoc for example - perhaps an arrangement with a breakdown firm to turn out to move same - unless a fatality requires total closure.

'Last year the false report of a child on the wrong side of the barrier over Breydon caused similar havoc. Local knowledge would have helped as there is nothing on the other side over the water except by the Bridge control room.

'I would be pleased to serve on any working group/discussions on seeking a new protocol.'

On Friday Norfolk County Council said it was believed an electrical fault was to blame.

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