Lost dog reunited with owner using live cameras and sensor cage

Gizmo, the Scandinavian hound, is now recovering at home after she went missing in Brookville, near Methwold...

Gizmo, the Scandinavian hound, is now recovering at home after she went missing in Brookville, near Methwold, on Saturday, January 23. - Credit: Kate Campbell

A dog owner has told of her “relief” after being reunited with a beloved pet, more than three weeks after it went missing in a forest. 

Gizmo, the Scandinavian hound, is now recovering at home after she went missing in Brookville, near Methwold, on Saturday, January 23

Owner Kate Campbell said as the weeks went on, she had started to lose hope but as Storm Darcy brought thick white snow to Norfolk her black dog became more visible and calls started to come in with possible sightings. 

Despite seeing Gizmo for herself, when called to a field in Feltwell, Ms Campbell could only track her movements as the timid dog ran away every time a human approached.  

But with help from Dog Lost Norfolk and Suffolk, Drone Search and Rescue and a dog catching specialist, at 11pm on Tuesday February 9, Gizmo was found less than a mile from her home. 

Kate Campbell with her Scandinavian Hound Gizmo, safe at home.

Kate Campbell with her Scandinavian Hound Gizmo, safe at home. - Credit: Kate Campbell

Ms Campbell said: “I only saw her with my own eyes once. She got that scared of people every time she saw a person, she bolted in the opposite direction.  

“We started taking notes of sightings and plotting them onto a map. She was running so much she ended up here, there and everywhere. 

“Over the past two days we were beginning to see her in a regular spot. Only half a mile from home. But she was too scared to come out of the forest and into the village. 

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“I got a call from a lady called Linda Walkees who specialises in trapping scared dogs.

"She brought live cameras and a big cage which operates remotely with sensors. 

“We set it up last night before it got dark. It was getting later and I was starting to lose hope and all of a sudden I got a text from Linda to safe she is safe. We came and scooped her up at 11pm last night.” 

Gizmo is now back in her warm home in Methwold getting some much needed TLC and other than apparent weight loss, appears to be in good health. 

Ms Campbell said it was an emotional night and despite feeling huge relief, she was also reminded of the loss of Gizmo’s sister Ruby, who went missing on the same night but was later found and died. 

It was suspected that Ruby was hit by a car. 

Ms Campbell added: “It's pretty incredible to have her home to be honest. 

“But it brought it all back last night. I was quite emotional.  

“It was a really happy moment but also sad because we still lost a dog. 

“I just want to say thank you for the help we have received. It was everyone's swift actions in the past 24 hours which made it all possible.” 

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