Methwold couple bemoan slow response after home is flooded for second time

Andy Stonach recently moved his family into their new Methwold home only to be flooded last week.Pic

Andy Stonach recently moved his family into their new Methwold home only to be flooded last week.Picture by: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A couple's home in Methwold has been flooded for the second time in three months.

Andy Stonach and partner Kari Barnes had just finished repairing the damage caused by July's flash floods, when their home was flooded again last weekend.

The couple blame Norfolk County Council's highways department for the flooding, and claim the drains at the front of their home in Hythe Road have not been fixed.

A council spokesman said they had recently flushed the drains to make sure there were no blockages. The council visited the site on Monday and a spokesman said the system appeared to be working.

Ms Barnes, 33, who used to be a teacher at Iceni Academy in Methwold, said: 'We had just finished having the floor in our dining room redone, when the rain water came in. Last time it cost about £6,000 to repair the damage at our home, and it will be another £1,000 this time, although we can claim it back on insurance. We have got the de-humidifiers back to dry the room out.

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'We don't believe the highways department has fixed the four drains on the road at the front of our house 12 weeks after the first flood, and that's why we were flooded again. Last time the flooding happened overnight so we were not aware of it until the morning. This time it happened on Saturday afternoon.'

Her 53-year-old partner, who is a teacher at Attleborough Academy, added: 'We have been phoning the council for the drains to be fixed on a daily basis.'

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A Norfolk County Council spokesman said it had received reports from a couple of households in Hythe Road about flash flooding in their homes during extremely heavy rain.

A spokesman said: 'After looking into the problem we recently flushed the surface water drains to ensure there are no blockages, and have arranged for nearby ditches to be cleared by the landowner and will flush the drains again when this is complete.

'We are hoping this will help and will continue to monitor the situation - on visiting the road during the very heavy rain on Monday the drainage system appeared to be working well.'

Three months ago the couple's ground floor was under four inches of water due to flash floods. The fire service was called to help pump out the water, which was full of silt. Water had also got into the slate-tiled floor. After 14 hours of bailing out water, fans and de-humidifiers were used for a week to dry the rooms out.

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