Men injured after Alby boat-shop fire

Two men were injured after inhaling smoke when a pile of wetsuits caught fire at a business in Alby, near Cromer, this afternoon.

The fire, caused by an over-loaded electrical socket, broke out at boat, jet-ski and watersports shop, Downtide Marine, on the A140 at Alby.

A paramedic in a rapid response vehicle treated a 54-year-old man at the scene with oxygen for smoke inhalation. A man in his 70s, with slight burns, declined treatment. Fire crews from Cromer and Aylsham put out the fire, which broke out at about 2pm.

Brian Walshe, of Norfolk's community fire protection service, said the incident showed the danger of overloading sockets which was often a problem at this time of year when people were using heaters and also plugging-in Christmas lights and decorations.

'The old adage 'one one plug, one socket' is a sensible one,' said Mr Walshe.