Memorial to be unveiled to remember police officers killed in Second World War bombing raids in Norwich and Great Yarmouth

Aftermath of the air raid in Norwich, 1942. An Anderson shelter standing intact amid a scene of debr

Aftermath of the air raid in Norwich, 1942. An Anderson shelter standing intact amid a scene of debris in Norwich. Photo: Norfolk Police Archive - Credit: Norfolk Police Archive

More than 75 years after one of the worst air raids to hit Norfolk during the Second World War, two plaques will be placed at Norwich and Great Yarmouth police stations tomorrow to commemorate the lives that were lost during the conflict.

Twelve police officers, police war reserve officers and special constabulary officers were killed and at midday two ceremonies will be held to remember them.

One will be held at Howard Street North in Great Yarmouth and the other at Bethel Street in the city.

The plaques will take their place alongside the existing commemoration to the police officers who died in the war, which is currently on display at the police headquarters.

The men who are being remembered are; Arthur John Pennymore, George Gammon Smith, Sam Bussey, Arthur Wilby, George William Brown, Herbert Cecil Davy, William John Harrison, Percy James Smowton, Frederick George Willsmore, Harry William Rudd, John Cussock O'brien, Cecil Parmenter.

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Police issued an appeal through this paper to help trace relatives of the men so they could attend the ceremony which is one of a number of dedications being held by the force this year in tribute to officers who died during the 1939 to 1945 conflict.

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