Meet the North Walsham Baker who shifted six stone in her ‘Great British Weight Off’

Claire Knightly before and after her weight loss programme. Picture: Weight Watchers.

Claire Knightly before and after her weight loss programme. Picture: Weight Watchers. - Credit: Weight Watchers

It may be a difficult time of year for those trying to lose some weight (especially with a certain baking programme back on television), but a North Walsham baker has proved anything is possible, despite the circumstances.

Claire Knightly works as a baker at Christophers Bakery in North Walsham, and has struggled with her weight since the age of 11.

When she started high school Mrs Knightly was already a size 16, and continued to battle with her weight as she progressed in a career surrounded by cakes and pastries.

Mrs Knightly, 43, said: 'The thing I miss the most is donuts. I love them and I make hundreds a day. But I've never had one since I started to lose weight- I know if I had one I'd end up eating 12!'

There are some things that she can't give up though. She said: 'Bread. I have to have proper bread. There's all this low calorie stuff out there but I just can't bring myself to do it!'

The mother-of-two continued: 'It's strange but working in a bakery- despite it's drawbacks, has actually helped me lose weight. I take the dog out on a long walk every day but then because I'm on my feet for hours a day shifting things that's more than enough exercise!'

She continued: 'My family love it. They were disappointed when I stopped making them so many sweet treats, but they just make their own now!'

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Mrs Knightly's success was largely down to the help of Weight Watchers.

She said: 'As a baker, cutting out pastries and bread was never going to be an option for me, and I knew with Weight Watchers it was simply a matter of making smart choice and keeping to her daily Points allowance.

'My best tip is write down everything you eat- because it's so easy to forget!'

Claire says of her Coach, Lucy Conroy, 'If it hadn't been for my fabulous Coach, I don't know for sure if I would have got to goal.'

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