Meet the Norfolk YouTuber with an audience of 300,000

Matthew Park

On his YouTube channel, 'Cookie Cutter', Matthew Park commands an audience of more than 300,000 people. Here, he is pictured with a plush toy he designed as an item of merchandise. - Credit: Submitted

With the pandemic putting paid to many young people’s plans over the last year, one young Norfolk resident found his audience of online followers grew tenfold. 

Matthew Park, 19, lives in Dereham and runs Cookie Cutter - a YouTube channel with 312,000 subscribers. 

On the channel, Mr Park creates videos about Roblox - an online gaming platform popular with young children. 

Creating the channel at the age of 13, Mr Park had even created previous channels aged just 11 or 12, and said Cookie Cutter’s success had “snowballed” in the last couple of years. 

“In 2014, [the channel] really wasn’t doing well, it was getting 10 views per video maybe, if I was lucky - it was mainly just my friends watching and the occasional random person,” said Mr Park. 

Matthew Park's YouTube channel, 'Cookie Cutter'

Mr Park currently has an audience of 312,000 subscribers, and his channel has grown tenfold in the last two years. - Credit: YouTube

“In the last two years, I’ve grown more popular. Two years ago, I had 30,000 subscribers, and since then, it’s kind of snowballed. This time last year, I’d just hit 100,000,” he added.

An alumnus of Dereham Sixth Form College, Mr Park said he saw “a gap in the market” for videos about Roblox.

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Mr Park said running the channel was “pretty much” a full-time job, earning him “a good wage”.

“I’m constantly thinking of what I can do [for videos], because you have to watch what your competitors are doing... to try and do something similar, or try and make something new,” he said. 

A design student at Norwich University of the Arts, Mr Park said his graphic skills had helped him create appealing thumbnails for his videos, and he recently released a plush toy he designed as a merchandise item.

Matthew Park 'Cookie Cutter' YouTube channel

Mr Park said running the channel was “pretty much” a full-time job, earning him “a good wage”. - Credit: YouTube

“The best thing [about being a YouTuber] is you can work your own hours,” he said.

“You can be creative and have fun with what you do. I can schedule videos, and then I’m done for the week.”

Protecting the copyright of his videos and receiving hateful messages was a downside Mr Park pointed to however.

“I don’t really mind them, because I’m kind of used to it by now,” he said. 

“I’m not really fussed if someone says something, but I’m sure some people would be,” he added.

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