‘I was shocked and angry’ - Mechanic describes scene of six-car rush hour crash on A47

Two of the six cars involved in a crash on the A47 near Postwick. Picture: Joe Bygrave

Two of the six cars involved in a crash on the A47 near Postwick. Picture: Joe Bygrave - Credit: Joe Bygrave

A mechanic who was involved in a crash with five other motorists on the A47 which created rush hour traffic chaos has described the scene after the incident.

Joe Bygrave, 19, and of Little Plumstead was on his way to work when he was involved in a six car crash on the A47, close to the Postwick Hub on Monday morning.Mr Bygrave, who was driving a Peugeot 207, described how he was originally "shocked and angry" after another motorist rear-ended him. However, this soon turned into concern for his fellow motorists.

He said: "The car in front of me started to slow, so I slowed too, then all of a sudden they slammed their brakes on hard - so I did the same. There wasn't much of a bang when I was hit but it was noticeable - it was like a forward shock.

"I'd only had my car a month and a half so to start with I was shocked and angry, but then I thought I should check to see how everybody else was."

Mr Bygrave said the incident saw a chain of collisions, with six vehicles in total involved, including his own.

He said: "Surprisingly, most of us stayed fairly calm - there was no real finger pointing or anger, everybody was just checking each other was okay and checking their cars. One of the drivers was rather upset and was in tears sat by the roadside.

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"One of the drivers, a young lad, was taken to hospital by ambulance while a woman was taken away in a rapid response vehicle."

Mr Bygrave said the six cars were in varying degrees of damage, with his recovered due to damage done to his bumper.

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He added: "As soon as I was hit I pulled over, it was quite stressful."

The six vehicles were a Ford Fiesta, a Mercedes GLC, a Vauxhall Astra, a Peugeot 207, an Audi A5 and a Mazda MX-5.

The incident happened at around 7.50am and saw lengthy tailbacks along the A47 in the aftermath, with a police spokesman describing it as "gridlock". The road was cleared by around 10am.

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