‘Hands up, who else had to Google it?’ - People react to school’s meet me at McDonald’s hairstyle ban

Neymar sporting a haircut similar to the 'Meet me at McDonald's' one which has been banned by Great

Neymar sporting a haircut similar to the 'Meet me at McDonald's' one which has been banned by Great Yarmouth Charter Academy (Image: PA) - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

A school in Great Yarmouth has made the decision to ban a hairstyle named after a popular fast-food restaurant. Here is what our readers had to say in response to the story.

Like us, Kerry Louise admitted she had to Google what the hairstyle actually looks like. For those still in the dark, it is basically short at the sides and messy, curly and unkept on the top, with a thick and heavy fringe.

And a school in Great Yarmouth has deemed it not smart enough for their strict new uniform rules. The story sparked some debate on what it means to be a schoolchild today.Lisa Simons commented: 'God forbid they should have any identity, individuality and show their personality through their style! 'Not everyone's cup of tea but not everything is...how boring would the world be if we were all the same? 'Their learning is not compromised by their hairstyle. They're individuals that have a life outside of school.'Gillian Cornell disagreed, writing: 'How about children learn to abide by a set of rules for the organisation they're at - school in this case - as there will always be rules to abide by throughout life. You can't always just do your own thing.'Some were shocked that the popular haircut had been banned in the first place.'Uniform, jewellery, lashes and make-up I can understand. But hair? If it was a mohawk with bright colours he'd have a point maybe...' wrote Bonney Bulmer.'It's just a haircut!!' added Lisa Kinder.Others remembered what it was like to attend school years ago. Stephen John Haggar wrote: 'Only type of haircut when I was at school - crewcut/down to the wood. That was what we got, no other style for me at the time in the 1950/60's.' Vicki Russen added: 'So glad I went to high school in the 90's! Had none of this rubbish.'Some also revealed their own high-street chain-inspired haircuts. Tom Green prefers the 'meet me at Primark hairstyle', while Kate Gillies commented she had 'meet me at Poundland' hair when she was at school. 'Times were hard!' she added. How do you feel about the school banning this look? Let us know in the comments below.

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