May hopes to meet Sir Roger Moore again after 50 years

May Trimmer, from Thetford, met Sir Roger Moore at Battersea Fun Fair in 1966. The Bond actor is com

May Trimmer, from Thetford, met Sir Roger Moore at Battersea Fun Fair in 1966. The Bond actor is coming to Norwich and she wants to see him again. - Credit: Archant

It was a dream come true for May Trimmer – a photograph with a screen star.

When she heard Roger Moore was coming to Battersea Fun Fair in 1966, the former Miss World competitor knew she had to meet him.

Although the since-knighted Sir Roger had yet to make the big time as the third James Bond, a 26-year-old Ms Trimmer was determined to meet the actor.

She climbed her way over fences and through hedges, with her four-year-old son Stephen in tow, to get into the fun fair as they could not afford tickets.

Thetford resident Ms Trimmer, who was living in Balham at the time, said: 'I do not suppose he would remember me. We were both young and he was gorgeous.

'When we got to the fun fair we could not afford to go in, but there were all these people jumping the fence. Then we saw this big queue, and it was Roger Moore signing autographs.

'I wanted to get a photo with him, and the lady behind me in the queue said she would take it for me.

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'When I asked him for a photo he leant over the kiosk he was sitting at and said, 'Will this do?'. I remember the words like it was yesterday.'

Sir Roger, now 89, will be on stage at the Norwich Theatre Royal on Sunday, November 13 – but Ms Trimmer is not sure she will be able to see him again.

'I was going to go to see him with my friends but getting to Norwich from Thetford is complicated, and I am not so good on my legs now.

'I would like him to send a limousine for my and my friends. I do not think it will happen, but you live in hope.'

A former competitor in the Miss World and Miss Norwich competitions, the young Ms Trimmer did not lack the glamour of 007's female screen companions.

She even won a Best Bond Girl competition during a social night at Watton Sports Centre last year.

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