Man who stalked artist sent her pictures of knives and guns


- Credit: Archant

An artist was so scared after she was stalked by a man who sent her pictures of knives and guns that she cancelled an exhibition, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Jeffrey Sacks began following Sara Sammakia on Twitter in October last year, and after a few weeks sent her a picture of an assault rifle.

He then sent her a picture of a knife with the message: 'A gift from me to you,' said Emma Nash, prosecuting.

When she asked him why he was sending her pictures of guns and knives, Sacks told Ms Sammakia it was because he was impressed with her art.

Sacks had then tweeted a picture of a knife in a box with Disney wrapping paper with the message: 'It's here if you want it,' said Miss Nash.

Sacks had arranged a meeting with Ms Sammakia's agent, and after travelling from Lowestoft to London to meet her in a café he tried to get her to give the gift-wrapped knife to Ms Sammakia, which she declined to do.

Ms Sammakia, who had already reported the matter to Twitter, contacted the police and Sacks was arrested on January 21.

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During a search of his home, officers found three knives, five guns, two swords and a bow and five arrows, said Miss Nash. After his arrest, Sacks said he wanted Ms Sammakia to have a knife so she could protect herself.

Miss Nash said Ms Sammakia felt Sacks was obsessed with her and she had been so scared he would turn up at her exhibition that she had cancelled it. She was also concerned for her safety and was worried he would find out where she lived.

Sacks, 38, of Pakefield Street, Lowestoft, admitted stalking and possessing a prohibited weapon.

Judge Rupert Overbury made Sacks, who has paranoid schizophrenia, the subject of a hospital order with restriction under the Mental Health Act. He also made a restraining order until further notice, banning Sacks from contacting Ms Sammakia.

Lynn Shirley, for Sacks, said her client was a weapons collector and did not consider himself to be a risk to anyone.

She said Sacks had not tried to contact Ms Sammakia while he had been detained.