Man who died in Costessey police stand-off refused to leave house when police told him he’d be searched

Kamal Nour died in the police stand-off at Queen's Hills in Costessey in August 2014. Photo: Archant

Kamal Nour died in the police stand-off at Queen's Hills in Costessey in August 2014. Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

Negotiations with a man who was threatening to kill himself broke down after he was told he would be searched upon leaving his property.

Kamal Nour barricaded himself inside his Quarry Road flat in Costessey on August 14, 2014 after taking an overdose of prescription medication.

It led to a 14-hour stand-off with police that ended when officers eventually forced their way into his property on the Queen's Hills estate.

But the 40-year-old had hanged himself and paramedics were unable to revive him.

The second day of an inquest into his death at Norfolk Coroner's Court yesterday heard evidence from police officers and negotiators involved.

Mr Nour had told officers at the scene that he would take his own life if they tried to gain entry to his home.

But his attitude changed when negotiators started talking to him and at one point it appeared he was going to leave of his own accord.

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Giving evidence, the police negotiator said: 'It was going really well and Mr Nour said he wished to have a shave, shower and a cigarette before he would leave the building.

'I discussed with him the exit strategy to leave. He was advised that at the location he would be searched [for any dangerous items] and then escorted to an ambulance.

'It was at this point that Mr Nour completely changed his attitude. He swore at me on a number of occasions and said that he would not be leaving his flat.'

When asked why he told Mr Nour about the search, the negotiator said one of the principles of being a negotiator was not to lie to the subject.

The inquest is due to continue for another four days.

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