Man’s skydive to raise money for mental health charity and overcome fear of heights

Peter Dewar took part in a skydive to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. Picture: Suppl

Peter Dewar took part in a skydive to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Supplied

After tackling his mental health problems, a Yarmouth man has overcome his fear of heights by taking part in a sponsored sky dive.

Peter Dewar, 36, jumped from a plane at 17,000ft over an airfield near Beccles to raise money for a mental health charity.

A couple of years ago he suffered from a breakdown. Mr Dewar said he suffers from severe depression and obsessive compulsive disorder and he has tried to commit suicide two times.

He went to the Northgate Hospital for recovery and he said he was able to come through it.

Mr Dewar said that he wanted to raise money for a local charity and chose Mind Great Yarmouth because he wanted to help people locally who were in a similar situation to his.

'I am not good with heights so I thought if I can deal with everything I have been through, I can do this.

'Strangely enough I wasn't scared, just cold. The small plane was jammed full of people where I was squashed in so I was actually looking forward to get out of the plane to stretch my legs.

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'The instructor and I wiggled to the edge of the plane and my bum was left hanging over out of the plane. The next thing I knew, I was free-falling and spinning.

'It was such a strange feeling. After about 30 seconds our parachute opened, and that's when I began to soak it all up.

'I loved the scenery and I told the instructor how quiet it is up there and how I would like to live up there as there's no traffic or anything like that.'

Mr Dewar, who lives in North Market Road, Yarmouth is now training to be a hypnotherapist so that he can help other people.

He said he had to make sure he was right in himself before starting his course as there is no over night cure for depression.

The former care home worker has received donations from staff and residents of his old work place, as well as family members.

Mr Dewar thanked everyone who has so far donated to his fund-raising effort.

To support Mr Dewar you can go to

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