Man’s shock at huge wasps’ nest in his home’s loft

Common wasp. Pic by Jonathan Lewis, Norfolk Wildlife Photography

Common wasp. Pic by Jonathan Lewis, Norfolk Wildlife Photography - Credit: Jonathan Lewis, Norfolk Wildlife

A man was shocked to find an enormous wasps' nest in his loft - which he described as looking 'like something from outer space'.

Derek Panteny of Bradwell discovered the nest, after being stung into action to find out how and why dozens of the insects infesting his home were coming from.

He said: 'We noticed we were having more and more wasps inside our home, so I thought there must be a nest somewhere.'

He started to investigate but when he poked his head through the loft hatch he couldn't believe his eyes - and shut the hatch quickly.

He said: 'There were thousands of the things up there, I daren't go in now. I've been stung several times.'

Mr Pantery believes the nest to be around 2.5ft in diameter, which is 0.7m.

He added: 'I've been told the normal nest is around the size of a football, but this one is definitely much bigger than that. It looks like something from outer space.'

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