Man poured petrol into water pistol before explosion at caravan park in Burgh Castle

The caravan where a fire started at Breydon Water Caravan Park back in May.

The caravan where a fire started at Breydon Water Caravan Park back in May. - Credit: Archant

A 40 year old man who poured petrol into a water pistol, died after an accidental spillage caused an explosion inside a Burgh Castle caravan.

Alan Jenkinson, from William Trigg Close, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, died after the fire at Breydon Water Caravan Park near Great Yarmouth on May 15.

An inquest into his death in Norwich earlier today heard that Mr Jenkinson had poured petrol into a water pistol, which was placed in a drawer next to his bed.

It is then believed that the lid to a petrol can was not tightened sufficiently and leaked onto the bedroom carpet.

A mixture of the fumes and an unknown ignition caused an explosion inside the caravan at 3am on the day of his death. The inquest heard petrol had leaked onto the carpet in his bedroom although it was not clear what caused the explosion.

Mr Jenkinson was taken to James Paget Hospital but died that afternoon.

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A statement from Anthony George of Goodchild Marine Services, said that Alan, posing under the name of John, had only visited Norfolk to buy a sailing boat after contacting him through Ebay.

On May 13, Alan had purchased the boat and told Mr George his intentions were to get some sailing experience with the help of his father, before eventually sailing down to Newquay.

The inquest heard that family and friends had expressed concern for him in the days leading up to his death.

In an earlier report, Doctor Ben Swift said the death was caused by burns and inhalation of fumes of combustion.

Norfolk coroner Jacqueline Lake concluded his death was caused by misadventure.

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