Man paints Flag of Europe on his house to express his disappointment over Brexit vote

Bren Goillon from Helhoughton, has painted the EU flag on the side of his house to show the disapoin

Bren Goillon from Helhoughton, has painted the EU flag on the side of his house to show the disapointment at Britain leaving the European Union. Picture: Matthew Usher.

It is a subject which prompts impassioned debate in cities, towns and villages across the UK and beyond.

In everywhere, from pubs to parliaments, lively discussions on Britain's decision to leave the European Union continue to rage on.

Now one Norfolk man has found his own bold and usual way to let his views be known.

Bren Goillon, 49, was so upset about Britain leaving the EU, that he decided to paint the Flag of Europe on the side of his home, at The Street, Helhoughton, near Fakenham.

In Mr Goillon's painting, one of the 12 gold stars is replaced by a tear drop.

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Mr Goillon, who cuts down trees for a living, said this is his first venture into the world of art.

Unsurprisingly, the painting, which is approximately 15ft wide and 15ft high, has caused quite a reaction in the village.

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Mr Goillon said: 'I've had people knocking on the door and sending me letters and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

'There have even been positive comments from people who voted to leave the EU who say, while they disagree with my views, they like what I've done.

'Living in a small Norfolk village, those who don't like it will, no doubt, mutter behind my back amongst themselves.'

'It's not intended to be insulting. I just felt a need to express to the world how I feel.'

Mr Goillon, who lives with his partner, Bridget Mitchell, and children Mungo, 14, Lola, 10, and Tilly, nine, said the painting may remain in place permanently.

He said: 'I'll never be happy about leaving the EU. The EU has its flaws but we are far better off being in Europe

'The consequences of leaving on the environment and on scientific research are already being felt and it will impact workers' rights and human rights. Being in the EU protected us from the worst excesses of our government.

'Everything about the referendum was awful, on every level.

'It was an appalling decision to have a referendum - Cameron only did it to placate the right side of his party.

'Then there was the terrible way the campaigns were run, on both sides.

'Then, two of the main protagonists of the leave campaign, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, disappeared and left everyone else to sort out the mess they had left.'

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