Man spotted on roof of Norwich homes

Cardigan Place in Norwich. PIC: Peter Walsh.

Cardigan Place in Norwich. PIC: Peter Walsh. - Credit: Archant

Emergency services were called to a Norwich estate after reports a hooded man was pacing around on the roof of homes.

Police were called to Cardigan Place, off Heigham Street, at just before 4pm on Wednesday, November 21 after the man was spotted walking on the roof of the three-storey high homes.

They were called by a concerned householder who had seen the man pacing along the roof.

Two police cars went to the scene and they were later joined by firefighters.

One witness said: 'It was very strange. He looked like quite a young man, with a dark, hooded top on.

'He kept pacing along the roof and would occasionally sit down, before he'd get up and walk to another part of the roof.'

It is understood police were talking to the man to persuade him to come down.

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And, by 6pm, an ambulance and ambulance car were at the scene and the man was no longer on the roof.

The ambulance and ambulance car had left by 6.20pm.