Man looking for soldiers who saved his wife’s life

A Norfolk man wants to make contact with two soldiers who he believes saved his wife's life after a head on car crash.

Brent Weller, 54, from South Creake, near Fakenham said the soldiers appeared out of nowhere, made sure their car did not set on fire, checked his wife's breathing, calmed her down and contacted emergency services immediately the collision on Friday afternoon.

Mr Weller and his wife Debbie, 55, were hit on the A1065 at Weasenham St Peter, between Fakenham and Swaffham, at around 1.45pm.

They were on their way to Surrey to see Mrs Weller's niece who had recently had a baby.

Mrs Weller was driving a Volkswagen Polo which was hit by a Volvo Estate and her husband was a front seat passenger.

Mr Weller, a dentist who runs Holt Dental Practice, said: 'The oncoming car attempted an overtaking manoeuvre and smashed into us. Debbie had no time to react.

'It hit the front right corner of our car, the wheel came off and we lost control and smashed into a wall at an undertakers.

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'I looked over at Debbie and she had blood coming from her nose, her eyes were shut and she wasn't moving. I thought she was dead.

'I tried to wake her and said 'are you still with us' but she was motionless. I was told later that she was not unconscious but had just gone into shock.

'Then a soldier appeared and made me sit down. He just took control. He immediately noticed smoke coming from the bonnet and turned the ignition off. He did some checks on Debbie and called an ambulance. I know he was a Lt Col because of the marking on his shoulder and heard him call the other soldier, who took witness statements, a corporal.'

The car roof was cut off and Mrs Weller was lifted from the vehicle after having boards placed to support her back and neck.

She was taken by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn for X-rays which showed she had suffered severe bruising but no breaks or fractures. She could not walk for two days but is now recovering.

Mr Weller, who was in the RAF for 16 years, has damaged his hand is unable to work for at least two weeks.

He said: 'All of the people who helped us did a tremendous job but I particularly want to thank these two soldiers as they disappeared after they helped us.

'I am not at exaggerating by saying that they saved my wife's life. I want to buy them a beer and make a donation to Help for Heroes.'

Anyone who can help Mr Weller get in contact with the soldiers can e mail