Man arrested after crashing into three cars during police chase in Norwich

RTC on the junction of Lincoln Street and Portersfield Road.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

RTC on the junction of Lincoln Street and Portersfield Road.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A man in his 20s has been arrested after three cars were damaged during a police chase.

The man, who is still in custody, has been arrested for dangerous driving, failing to stop, driving whilst being disqualified and having no insurance.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle on Norwich Road, in Stoke Holy Cross, at around 11.15pm.

The driver refused to pull over and instead sped off.

Police followed and the chase continued for around an hour.

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Officers finally arrested the man in his 20s at Portersfield road.

During the 5-mile chase on Monday, four vehicles were damaged.

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The driver - who was already disqualified from driving - crashed into three parked cars and a van.

The vehicles were parked along Lincoln Street, at its junction with Portersfield Road.

One car on Lincoln Street suffered bad scratches along the driver's side, and its wing mirror was knocked off. Debris from the impact was strewn across the road.

A few metres further down the street, a car parked on the other side was also damaged, with a dent in the front corner on the driver's side.

A third car, parked on the far side of Portersfield Road, near the junction with Lincoln Street, had a minor damage in its front corner.

A white Ford van had come to rest against this third car, and it was damaged on the driver's side, with the front headlight left hanging out.

One Lincoln Street resident said that, after becoming aware of the incident, when she looked down the road to see what had happened 'it was all blue lights'.

She added: 'It's a totally quiet street. You sometimes hear cats scream at each other, but nothing like this. Just rowdy students and screaming cats.'

The van was removed and police left the scene shortly after 12.30am.

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