Woman tells of horrific injuries after being struck by mobility scooter while shopping in Marks & Spencer

A woman injured by a mobility scooter has spoken of her devastating injuries and stolen independence.

Margaret Hill, 87, was struck from behind while browsing through jumpers in Marks and Spencer, in Lowestoft, seven weeks ago.

The impact sliced her lower legs open to the muscle layer and knocked her to the floor.

“I never saw it coming”, said Mrs Hill.

“All I knew was something had pushed me but the damage was done immediately.”

Since the incident Mrs Hill has been restricted to a wheelchair and unable to carry on her life as normal.

Her daily visits to Oulton Broad Care Home to see her husband Frank came to an abrupt halt.

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Mr Hill sufferers from advanced Parkinson’s disease and dementia and has been at the home since November.

“My first thought when I was hit was how am I going to see Frank?” said Mrs Hill.

“I used to see him everyday but I’ve only been able to get there twice since the accident. It’s been awful.”

She added: “The injury has changed my life. I was independent; I could go anywhere and do anything. I just hope that comes back.”

For the first four weeks of recovery, doctors advised Mrs Hill to avoid looking at her legs due to the extent of the injuries.

Anne Millican, 54, was by her mother’s side as she was taken to the hospital.

She said: “I saw the cuts in the ambulance and was horrified.

“The whole of her legs swelled up with bruising, they were three or four times the normal size.

“My mother was very brave but it gave me nightmares that night.”

Doctors have assured Mrs Hill that the wounds will heal, however, this is expected to take a long time.

Mrs Hill and her daughter are now calling for mobility scooter users to be more careful when using their vehicles.

Following a police appeal the woman driving the mobility scooter was identified.

Mrs Millican said: “She called and gave a genuine, heartfelt apology which has been accepted.

“But we just want people to know how dangerous these scooters can be.”

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