Lowestoft town centre witnesses special Flash Dance

IT was a busy Friday lunchtime, with shoppers out and about in Lowestoft town centre.

But the hive of bustling shoppers in the main street area was soon overtaken by a impromptu Flash Dance, as more than 40 youngsters strutted their stuff.

Inspired by the 2009 T Mobile Flash Dance advertisement, Lowestoft town mayor Tod Sullivan teamed up with the Venue of Performing Arts in Oulton Broad to showcase the skills of the talented youngsters as his two weeks Celebration of the Arts festival draws to a close.

The festival runs from April 1 to 15, in conjunction with Waveney District Council, to promote all local activity in the arts.

And it was a case of lights, cameras and action as the spotlight shone on the dance group for a special one-song routine in the town centre. With cameras and mobiles flashing the special dance certainly drew gasps and plenty of attention from locals.

The Venue of Performing Arts, which is based at Units 5,6 and 7 on the Enterprise Park in School Road, Oulton Broad, provides education and training that prepares children and teenagers for Performing Arts college and a career in the performing arts, while also offering children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to train in all aspects of performing arts for fun or just to further their interest.

And delighted with how it had all turned out, Mr Sullivan said: 'It went down really well. They are all Venue of Performing Arts students - and there must have been between 30 and 50 in total - who have spent about six weeks rehearsing as a group for this event.

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'The idea all came together about two months ago as the youngsters were unable to make the Mayor's Ball, so we came up with this idea instead.'

Mr Sullivan called for those who did witness the Flash Dance event to 'get it up online' so that people can 'talk about Lowestoft' in a positive frame of mind.

'We thought that it would be a good idea to do it in the Easter holidays when the town is busier, and also put it on during the Celebration of the Arts,' the mayor added.

'This is art that is going on - it was totally unexpected, and was in peoples faces. I think the whole Celebration of the Arts has raised the profile locally and has been excellent.'

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