Lowestoft teenager refused to carry out unpaid work by picking up litter

A Lowestoft teenager who refused to pick up litter while doing unpaid work in the community as part of a court order has been told by a judge not to be so 'silly' in the future.

Jack Hood, 18, refused to put down his mobile phone and to pick up litter during a work session on January 23.

He should have appeared before at Ipswich Crown Court earlier this month for being in breach of a court order.

However, Hood, of Abigail Court, failed to attend and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Hood was arrested last week and was brought before the court today after spending six days in custody.

He had originally been ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work for an offence of possessing cannabis with intent to supply. Hood had completed the bulk of the work and only had seven hours remaining when he breached the order.

Rex Bryan, prosecuting, said Hood had refused to pick up litter, which he had been assigned to do by his supervisor.

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Steven Dyble, for Hood said, 'He has spent six days in custody which is almost a day served for every hour he didn't pick up litter and he has had time to reflect on his actions.'

Hood had completed most of the order and had not reoffended during its duration.

Judge David Goodin revoked the community order and replaced it with a 14 day curfew order between 9pm-6am.

He said: 'Don't place yourself in such a silly position again.'

'The requirements of the man responsible for your unpaid work are highly likely to be lawful and proper and if you openly flout them you are going to yourself into trouble.'

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