Lowestoft shop to close as owner is fed up with parking woes

A Lowestoft shop that sells specialist tools is to close as it owner claims parking has become impossible for his customers.

Kevin Bacon, who owns Baconsdozen Imperial and Metric Tools, says he is so fed up with the parking situation that he has decided to move away from Suffolk totally.

And when Mr Bacon closes his Waveney Road store it will end another part of Lowestoft's maritime industry as his shop used to be one of three that served the town's once-thriving fishing fleet.

Mr Bacon, 62, opened his tool shop in 1998 and then branched out into supplying a wide range of equipment for fishing vessels and their crews, such as gloves, knives, mattresses and cooking pans.

However when the town's fishing industry started to decline in 2002 Mr Bacon decided to concentrate again on selling Imperial standard hand tools.

But Mr Bacon said: 'As part of the development of Lowestoft, loading and unloading was banned on Waveney Road and parking became virtually impossible. Rather than change the business all over again, I have decided to move away from Suffolk.'

On his shop's website he says sales have been affected by a 'ludicrous' traffic system for the town and an 'obsession' with yellow lines which provides little incentive for people to come into town.

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He also criticised lack of support as the town's fishing industry declined.

'When I opened in Lowestoft there were three stores serving the fishing industry. None of us received any help or grants from anyone as the industry vanished – despite all the promises to the contrary,' he said.

Mr Bacon said when Baconsdozen closes he will continue to sell tools to customers online 'for a while yet'.

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