Lowestoft man denies child sex allegations

A LOWESTOFT man accused of having sex in his car with a girl more than 40 years his junior has denied the offences.

Giving evidence during the second week of his trial at Ipswich Crown Court, Colin Bloomfield denied taking advantage of the 14-year-old girl who has been described as 'vulnerable.'

Bloomfield, 59, admitted buying the girl a phone but denied it was so he could contact her. He claimed the girl had only been in his car on one occasion – when they went to buy the phone from a supermarket.

He denied kissing the girl in his car and progressing to having sex with her on the front passenger seat.

He said he had been surprised when he was told of the allegations and could not think of any reason why she would make them up.

'If it happened why didn't she push me off or complain about it,' he said. 'If someone was molesting you or doing something to you, you wouldn't leave it for two years,' he added.

Bloomfield, of Kirkley Run, Lowestoft, has denied three offences of sexual activity with a child and one offence of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity in 2008.

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Christopher Morgan, prosecuting, has told the court the girl was vulnerable and Bloomfield had taken advantage of her and made her feel wanted.

Mr Morgan said the girl told police the alleged abuse started with Bloomfield stopping his car and leaning over and kissing her on the lips and neck. This had progressed on other occasions to Bloomfield touching her thighs over her clothing and getting her to touch him intimately.

Mr Morgan alleged that Bloomfield had also had sex with the girl in his car on two occasions. She had not told her parents but had confided in a social worker.

After his arrest in April 2010, Bloomfield denied the allegations and told police they were 'pure fantasy.' He accepted he had given the girl money and sweets and had bought her a mobile phone. However, he said he bought her the phone as an act of kindness after she lost her previous one and her parents were concerned at not being able to contact her when she was out.

The case continues.

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