Lowestoft boy gets special surprise for helping brother in emergency

A quick-thinking boy who leapt into action by showing a paramedic where his seriously-ill baby brother was received a trip of a lifetime yesterday.

Liam Teahan, six, was treated to a ride in an ambulance after he helped his 10-week-old brother who had a heart attack and stopped breathing at their Lowestoft home on March 4.

As the boys' mother frantically gave baby Callum the kiss of life, his older brother took it upon himself to open the front door of their Morton Road home and escort paramedic Cheryl Houchin in.

And as well as calmly waiting for an ambulance in his pyjamas, Liam also had the quickness of mind to ring up his father, who was on his way to work at Sizewell B power station, and tell him what happened.

Liam's fast-thinking actions are all the more impressive as he has complex learning needs, including a speech and language disorder, dyspraxia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Because of his actions, Liam was given a commendation certificate by the East of England Ambulance Service at its Gorleston depot at Beacon Park yesterday.

It read: 'This certificate has been awarded to you in recognition of your bravery and for all the help you gave to mummy on the morning of Friday, March 4.'

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And as a special treat and surprise, Liam was given a ride in an ambulance after paramedics heard he loved watching emergency vehicles.

The youngster was also re-united with the paramedics who treated his brother.

Sadly Callum could not join the award ceremony as he is at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital while tests are carried out to discover why he had a heart attack and suffered respiratory failure.

Mrs Teahan, 34, was beaming with pride as Liam received his certificate and got to play paramedic for the morning.

Recalling March's traumatic events, she said: 'Callum stopped breathing and was lifeless. I dialled 999 and then started CPR. Without telling him, Liam unlocked the front door and stood there waiting in his pyjamas for an ambulance to arrive and then led the paramedic to the room I was.

'He also got hold of my mobile phone and phoned his dad to tell him what had happened and that he needed to get home as quickly as possible.

'He is just my little star as he was so brilliant. He kept such a cool head and he was much more calm than I was. That was a huge achievement for him and I am very proud of him.'

Mrs Teahan said Liam may have picked up his emergency skills by watching ambulance and emergency services documentaries.

Liam said he was 'excited' about his ambulance trip and said he acted so quickly as he had a good memory.

Mr and Mrs Teahan wanted to thank the paramedics, Cheryl Houchin, Dave Young and Mike Mayo, who provided on scene treatment to Callum and took him to hosptial.

Paramedic Houchin, who has been saving lives for 20 years, said: 'I have to say this is the first time that I have seen a certificate given to a young boy like this. What Liam did was fantastic. He was very calm and collected.

'Every second makes a difference in every emergency – especially when babies are involved.'


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