Lowestoft appeal for Cowboy builders television programme

People in Lowestoft who have suffered at the hands of rogue builders and workmen are being sought to take part in a TV series.

BBC One's Cowboy Trap is returning for a fourth series, and presenter Clive Holland and a production team are filming in Lowestoft this week.

The team will be highlighting the problems faced by one couple from Lowestoft.

The Lowestoft couple are in their 60s and have been left high and dry by a builder who took their money, asked for more and then stopped turning up.

He didn't finish the job of building a garden wall, took away their garden shed without replacing it and their driveway has been left in a mess.

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Mr Holland and the team have fixed the job and on Friday they will be filming the work of the good guy builders who put in new drive/pathway and new shed.

But the Cowboy Trap team are still looking for people in the Lowestoft area who have suffered similar problems and may need their help.

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Mr Holland said: 'The series has really hit a chord with viewers and there are still builders out there behaving improperly and causing people anxiety and stress as a result.

'We're looking for more stories from people who have been victim of bad workmanship that for example hasn't passed basic building standards or work that has never been completed or botched with builders refusing to return and remedy the bad workmanship; or people who have paid money up front to the builder who hasn't finished the job and walked off leaving the owner out of pocket.

'In previous series we've heard from vulnerable people who builders have taken advantage of.

'I want to keep raising awareness of the pit falls out there and help viewers protect themselves.'

If you would like to get in touch with the programme contact Mentorn Media on 020 7258 6724 or email builders@mentorn.tv

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