Lowestoft and Halesworth targeted by scams claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice

POLICE are urging people to be alert after a number of scams which have involved someone claiming to work for the Ministry of Justice.

Business premises in the Throughfare in Halesworth were some of the latest to be targeted by a man who carried out a money changing scam on Friday evening.

The man, described as in his late twenties with short dark hair, and who spoke with a foreign accent, which was possibly Turkish, approached a member of staff asking for bank notes to be changed for other bank notes. Once this was done he asked for further changes before asking for his original money back.

As soon as the man left it was realised that �100 was missing.

A second man walked into the premises with him and left at the same time.

In Lowestoft a couple were called by a man claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice who stated that they were entitled to more than �4,000.

They were asked for their bank card details which they provided and the couple were told they would need to send two vouchers for �200 each.

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The man phoned back and stated that he would send someone round to their address.

Police were contacted and were there when the man called back. He was told that the couple would not be handing over any cash and when the male asked who he was speaking to he was advised that it was the police and the call was terminated.

A spokesman said: 'Officers are advising everyone to be alert for these – and other – scams. Never hand over money in order to claim cash, never give out your bank or card details to unsolicited callers and be extremely cautious when dealing with anyone who appears to be trying to confuse you with the money changing scam.'

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