Lovely Labrador seeks new home

Seven year old black Labrador, Clover may not have four leaves but instead four legs, and is hoping luck is on his side and his new owners will find him soon.

Kate Brewster, Dogs Trust Snetterton supporter relations officer, said: 'Clover is an all round lovely boy, friendly to everyone he meets. He loves both human and canine company and would be happy to live with both, as well as children or a feline friend if it meant moving in to his perfect home.

'With many great attributes including his intelligence, extremely good manners, and being a pleasure to walk on the lead, he is a one in a million dog. Clover has already mastered his basic obedience, and with his love for tasty treats further training should be a walk in the park.'

'Clover is a handsome hound with heaps of charm; he possesses the cool and laid back nature of a lovely Labrador. If you are looking for a fantastic friend to bring fun to your life, Clover is the answer, he will be a loyal and loving addition to any lucky family. '

If you have been searching for that special Clover, call Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953 498 377 or visit to find out more.

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