Lost Alsatian dogs prompt wolf-sighting calls to Norfolk police

Wolves were rumoured to be on the loose in the city on Sunday night after four sightings on Bluebell Road.

The wolf reports prompted calls to Norfolk police from concerned pizza delivery drivers.

Three drivers saw the two animals after dropping off takeaways to students at the UEA campus and called the police at 7.40pm.

Another concerned caller dialled 999 to report a wolf-sighting at 7.30pm.

But the 'wolves' turned out to be Alsatian dogs.

Barbara Reed, who is studying events management at City College, saw the animals after delivering pizzas at the campus.

The 25-year-old said it was the weirdest call to the police she had made.

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She said: 'I first thought, gosh they are big dogs. Then I thought, they are wolves.

'Two other drivers saw them so we called the police and they said they had been called already.

'I have never seen a wolf but it was light and I had a good look.

'I slowed down because they crossed in front of my car. They had pointed ears and bushy tails. They were very large.'

When she arrived back at Domino's on Colman Road, her two Hungarian colleagues reported the same sighting.

'One was waving his arms and being quite panicky about it,' she said.

Police said they asked the first caller to phone Norwich City Council's dog wardens.

The second callers, the pizza drivers, were told by police the animals had been caught.

The council were phoned by a woman who said she had caught two Alsatians.

But a dog warden was not able to come out, as it was a Sunday.

A Norwich City Council spokeswoman said: 'We were contacted on our out-of-hours number describing two Alsatian-type dogs that had been restrained on leads.

'The caller was advised that we do not operate a 24/7 lost dog collection service and anyone reporting and restraining a dog out-of-hours will need to keep the dog until our normal service is available to arrange collection.'

It is understood the dogs have now been returned to their owner.

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