Lorry drivers targeted in Suffolk police operation

Almost 170 offences were identified and dealt with during a five-day campaign in Suffolk aimed at cracking down on lorry drivers who break the law by putting other road users at risk.

Suffolk Police's casualty reduction team carried out the large goods vehicle enforcement campaign last week - the first operation of its kind in the county.

Officers patrolled the A14, A11 and A12 dual carriageways with the particular aim of detecting offences that could lead to drivers being distracted such as using a mobile phone, eating, drinking or reading a map while driving.

During the five days a total of 168 offences were identified.

There were 120 seatbelt offences resulting in drivers receiving a �60 fixed penalty notice and there were 23 mobile phone offences where drivers received a �60 fixed penalty notice and three points on their licences.

Eleven drivers were identified as not being in proper control of their vehicle and they received a �60 fixed penalty notice and three points on their licence; three drivers were caught speeding resulting in three points and a �60 fixed penalty notice and one driver was found to be committing a driving licence offence and will later be reported for a court appearance. Police also identified 10 vehicles as having defects.

Sgt Paul Ward said: 'The consequences of a driver of a large goods vehicle losing control could be catastrophic.

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'Using a mobile phone while driving, speeding and not wearing a seatbelt are three of the main contributors to serious or fatal road traffic collisions.

'This campaign will hopefully go someway to reducing the number of casualties and send out a strong message to motorists that those who flout the law will be dealt with robustly.'

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