Long Stratton man wins top Royal Navy apprentice award

A Royal Navy sailor from Long Stratton spoke of his joy after being presented with a top apprenticeship prize.

Logistician Supply Chain (Submariner) Kevin Lees began a training course at the Defence Maritime Logistics School at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall in December.

The 34-year-old Norfolk man has now been awarded with a top navy honour after showing the most determination and development to achieve an apprenticeship and pass with flying colours.

The course prepared him for his role to ensure that Royal Navy submarines have the stores required onboard to carry out successful operations around the world.

The submariner, who received the Robin Hodsdon Apprenticeship prize for 2010, said: 'I can't believe I won this prize. At the time I just got on with my training and my apprenticeship.'

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The father-of-three, is currently working at a naval base in Faslane, in Scotland, ordering and receiving stores for the Royal Navy's submarines. He was also awarded the prize as the top student during training to learn how to operate beneath the waves.

He is married to Francesca and the couple have three children, Leo, aged seven, Harvey, aged four, and Grace, aged one.

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The citation for his award read: 'An experienced logistician from previous employment before joining the Royal Navy, Logistician (Supply Chain) Lees quickly demonstrated strong ability in his new profession during training. However, he openly admitted that he had little knowledge or usage of computers prior to joining and this was a personal challenge that he focused on during his professional training.'

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