Loki the cat rescued after becoming wedged between two walls

Loki the cat, who became stuck between two walls at an industrial estate in Holt.

Loki the cat, who became stuck between two walls at an industrial estate in Holt. - Credit: Aaron Caistor

The owner of a cat, which had to be rescued after it became wedged between two warehouses, has spoken of his relief after the buildings were cut open to free it.

Locksmith Aaron Caistor's cat Loki went missing from his Holt home last Friday night, when it failed to show up for dinner and failed to materialise for breakfast the following morning.

However, Mr Caistor was not bothered at the time, as he thought Loki could have ended up in a shed which had been opened due to hot weather.

But when the cat was not back on Saturday morning, Mr Caistor began to worry for Loki's safety.

He said: "When he was missing on Friday night I wasn't worried as he's gone missing before and come back the next day.

"I was really worried by Saturday and started posting messages on Facebook to try and find him, as well as asking people in the town if they could open their sheds."

However, on Tuesday night, Mr Caistor received a call from a business on the Hempstead Road industrial estate saying workers could hear meowing in the walls.

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On Wednesday morning, he rushed to the site, where business owners allowed him to search for the cat, it was then he heard a meow and spotted Loki peering out from between two buildings, where he was unable to escape.

Mr Caistor called the fire service, but by the time an officer arrived local builders had already offered to help cut the cat free with the permission of the warehouse owners, so the officer left the scene.

He added: "This has restored my faith in humans, we made one hole and that sent him further down and then made another which sent him right to the back.

"But we then cut into the outer wall and managed to coax him down the hole and he was free by 1pm."

Following the incident, Loki has had a check up with vets who say he is healthy and has just lost weight, with Mr Caistor glad to have him home.

He said: "We're so relieved and thankful to all those who helped to free him.

"He's not just a mouser, he will go for larger prey. We thought he'd bitten off more than he could chew, but thankfully he's fine."