Vandals target public toilets leaving faeces in urinals

Public toilets have been vandalised twice in a week in Loddon. PHOTO: Google Maps

Public toilets have been vandalised twice in a week in Loddon. PHOTO: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A public toilet block has been targeted by vandals twice in the last week, including having faeces left in urinals.

Taking to Facebook, Loddon Parish Council first reported damage to the door frame of a cubicle, before cleaning contractors arrived to find faeces in the urinals in the men's toilets at Loddon Staithe.

The first report came on Sunday, August 18, with a council spokesperson saying: "We received reports on Sunday of the door frame to one of the men's cubicles having been broken, resulting in the door not hanging correctly and therefore not being able to be locked.

"This has been reported to our contractors for repair at their earliest convenience."

However, on Thursday, August 22, another report of vandalism was made.

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The spokesperson said: "We have received reports from our cleaning contractors of faeces in the urinals in the men's toilets.

"The Parish Council are looking into ways to stop the vandalism in these public facilities which includes CCTV and reduced opening hours.

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"Continued vandalism of these facilities could even result in the Staithe Toilets being closed.

"The cost of additional cleaning and repairs are fast becoming unmanageable and this is also unfair on the contractors employed by the Parish Council to maintain these conveniences."

The council have encouraged local residents and visitors to have their say and make suggestions on how the facilities can be managed in the future.

The matter of CCTV will be discussed at September's parish council meeting, which will take place at 7pm on September 12 at the Parish Council Offices.

A full agenda for the meeting will be published in the coming weeks.

The damaged cubicle door was repaired on Thursday.

A council spokesperson said: "Following reports of damage to a cubicle door in the men's toilets at the Staithe, we can confirm this has now been repaired.

"Our contractors made repairs to the aluminium trim which acts as the door close.

"All the door locks throughout all toilets have also been greased and now work freely after we received reports for these sticking.

"Thank you to the visitor who was moored at the Staithe for reporting these damages to us so we could instruct our contractors to make repairs. The contractors acted quickly, ensuring use of these facilities continued without disruption."

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