Locals left angry and upset after pink paint thrown over play equipment in Belton

Bell Lane playing field vandalism in Belton

Bell Lane playing field vandalism in Belton - Credit: Archant

Vandals who targeted a popular play area in Belton have been condemned by a local parish councillor.

Play equipment, benches and a skate park at the Bell Lane playing field have been targeted by vandals within the past week.

Pink paint has been thrown over the equipment, leaving Belton Parish Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Services to clean up the mess.

John Rudrum, the chairman of Belton Parish Council, said that councillors and local residents have been left 'angry and upset' over the vandalism.

Mr Rudrum, said: 'We have spent so much money in the past to make Bell Lane an attractive playing field for visitors.

'It is incredibly frustrating that there are people out there who will go out of their way to go to a nice area and ruin things.

'Now somebody will be left to paint over or clean it up, but this could happen again.'

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Villagers pulled together back in November 2013 to spruce up the Bell Lane area of the village with a £35,000 skatepark.

The parish council also cleared some trees and tidied up the playing field site to make the area more visually appealing.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council also helped pay for other improvements such as new picnic tables.

Great Yarmouth Borough Services did not comment over the vandalism.