YOUR chance to quiz general election candidates in Fakenham

All five election candidates are set to take part in a hustings in the town on Thursday night. Pictu

All five election candidates are set to take part in a hustings in the town on Thursday night. Picture by: Mike Page

A hustings meeting on Thursday night gives you the chance to quiz all five parliamentary candidates standing for the Broadland seat.

It's been organised by Fakenham Churches Together. Frank Schofield from the group explains the thinking behind it:

As Christians we seek through our lives to transform the lives of others, to support those in need, to challenge what's unjust in our society – we call it 'witness and service'.

To that extent the general election serves an important role for shaping not only our democracy and freedoms but the day-to-day lives we and our neighbours are able to lead – in the same way as it does for members of political parties, and for every member of our society.

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Hearing what our prospective representatives for parliament have to offer – their values, their policies, their local focus, the kind of society they aspire to, is an opportunity that these hustings give us here in Fakenham and the local area included within the Broadland constituency to learn about our candidates in order to make an informed decision come polling day.

The meeting is open to all, hosted by the churches on behalf of the whole community, please come along. Questions may be submitted in advance in writing to any of the church pastors in Fakenham or by e-mail to . Questions may also be submitted on entry to the meeting.

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'Any Questions', with chair Lee Muston, is being held on Thursday, March 19 (7.30 – 9.30pm) at the Salvation Army Hall in Oak Street, Fakenham.

Follow links below for a short profile of each candidate.

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